The revitalization of the area has created a new social, commercial and cultural centre of Zlin.

When designing the regeneration of 24-25-26 FABRIKA we focussed on the need to complete the circle of public facilities and social amenities of the urban district. The Baťa factory premises will also benefit from high traffic areas. This will help to complete the site’s conversion and build one of the most advanced centres of regional cities. We realize that young people are the future. One of the goals is to expand educational opportunities and complement them with accommodation for students in the vicinity of FABRIKA in the MAX32 project and to revive the organization of social events, festivals and other activities.

This plan logically raises the question of accessibility of the area, the improvement of which is currently underway (Antonínova junction (51-61), J.A. Baťa and Vavrečkova, Dvacátá and Desátá streets).

Our company CREAM Real Estate developed a joint project with FABRIKA for a new transport service plan that meets the needs of the 21st century, taking into account increased logistics, transportation, safety demands for pedestrians and cycling, and finally environmental sustainability.

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